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3 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Love Beef Jerky

Social Media has changed the way people perceive themselves, especially body image. Those who frequent the gym are not only concerned about their exercise regiment but also with what they feed themselves between those long work out sessions. Some chose a protein shake or protein bar as a way to recover after a long work out, while some have elected beef jerky as the perfect workout snack. Here are 3 reasons why the fitness community loves premium beef jerky.

Calorie Content

The first reason why people who want to keep a lean profile snack on beef jerky is its low calorie count. One serving of beef jerky which is typically 1-2 Oz. contains a mere 70-140 calories on average. Given that the recommended calorie intake for healthy males is 2500 calories and for females is 2000 calories, beef jerky barely makes a dent on daily intake. Protein bars contain approximately double the calories averaging between 190-250 calories. Protein shakes are often loaded up with other fruits and dairy and can range anywhere from 200-800 calories at times. Not being aware of calorie content in the foods you consume can easily put you over and keep your weight at a frustrating plateau. If you're looking to lean out and pack muscle beef jerky is a great way to keep your daily calorie intake at a minimum.

Packed With Protein

When it comes to really packing on muscle, protein promotes muscle growth best. A 1 oz. serving of beef jerky contains a whopping 11g of protein or approximately 22% of your daily protein intake. Beef Jerky is a stand alone star when it comes to low calorie high protein snacks. Protein also keeps one feeling full throughout the day and helps one from compulsive snacking that hurts diet fast. Bodybuilders around the world will tell you centering meals and snacks around a high protein diet is crucial for muscle development. The vegan community proudly boasts that protein can be found in plant sources like chickpeas and spinach as well but often fail to realize that animal protein contains essential fats and amino acids not found in vegan protein.

Low Carb

It is now common knowledge that refined sugars and carbs can destroy a diet fast when consumed in large quantities. If you want to cut weight and maintain muscle stay away from foods like white rice, pasta, and sugary drinks like soda. The average beef jerky serving contains about 2g of carbs which equates to about 1% of your overall daily intake. The food pyramid is an outdated nutrition authority source that is still followed by many in the United States. Those who switch to low carb diets centered around lean protein like steak and chicken report weight loss within weeks. Low carb diets are very popular at the moment as new fad diets, especially the ketogenic diet take over. The average protein bar contains about 20 times the amount of carbohydrates as one serving of beef jerky. Protein bars and shakes are promoted through marketing materials as healthy alternatives but users should be critical of their nutritional value if they want to lose weight.

Beef Jerky Reigns Supreme.  

If you are okay with consuming beef, beef jerky stands out as a nutritional powerhouse. Most supplier like Freedom Jerky offer 2.5 oz bags that slip easily into a backpack or workout duffel bag. Next time you hit the weights or attend crossfit class make sure you bring a bag of beef jerky along with you. Beef Jerky is offered in an array of flavors whether you like spice, savory, or sweetness.

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